Team America Earns Bronze Medal, Breaks Records and Ranks 7th Place Out of 30 Countries at 2019 World Freediving Championships

Los Angeles, CA, August 15, 2019: US Freediving Federation’s (USFF) Team America wrapped up an outstanding performance at the 2019 World Freediving Championships in Roatan, Honduras last weekend, where they competed against top freedivers from 30 countries. Ranking in at 7th place overall, Team America’s second appearance at the prestigious competition resulted in much success, including new national records and a bronze medal to bring back home to the U.S.

The annual event attracts professional freedivers from all over the world, and Team America’s thorough, year-round preparations proved to have paid off: 

  • Captain Daniel Koval of Hawaii earned a bronze medal for his 108 meter dive in the CWT Mono Fin division, sharing the ranking with Samo Jeranko of Slovenia. This was also a new national record in the CWT Mono Fin division.

  • Lance Lee Davis of California set a new national record of 72 meters in the CNF division.

  • Enchante Gallardo of Hawaii set a new national record of 80 meters in the CWT Bi Fins division and 74 meters in the FIM division.

  • Andrew Khvetkevych of Florida set a new national record of 97 meters in the CWT Bi Fins division.

”It's absolutely fantastic to see the progress around freediving for the United States. With the US Freediving Federation only having started in early 2018, we appeared strong on the world stage and I could not be more proud of the team this year” says Jeremy Stephan, President of the USFF. “We’re honored to make an impact in the eyes of other divers from around the world, while also inspiring more US athletes to participate in the sport."

The USFF, which is sanctioned by CMAS under the International Olympic Committee, has played a major role in the sport’s exponential growth over recent years. Aside from the team of USFF freedivers, two other active members played a critical role in the competition’s success: Rebekah Phillips of California was a judge as well as a CMAS technical delegate, while Marc Anop of Ohio served as part of the safety team.

With planning already underway for the the 2nd installment of the Hawaii Cup in Fall 2020, the USFF is also looking even further ahead as they seek to host the 2022 Freediving World Championships on the Big Island of Hawaii. “Hawaii couldn’t be a more perfect location for the World Championships” says Daniel Koval, Captain of Team America. “The freediving community is massive there, along with the weather and waters making for ideal diving conditions.”

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Founded in 2018 by tech entrepreneur and freediver Jeremy Stephan, The United States Freediving Federation is sanctioned under CMAS and the International Olympic Committee as the national governing body for the sport in the United States. The mission of the U.S. Freediving Federation is to bring awareness to freediving across the United States and support the efforts of all those that engage in the sport, whether it be for self-exploration and adventure, therapeutic benefits, or purely competition – in the safest manner possible.

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