Photo by Renee Blundon

The U.S. Freediving Federation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. This means that we need to look to donations, corporate partners and memberships to operate and provide the best support possible to all our constituents. It takes a school of fish and not just a few guppies, so please consider joining us.



As a freediver, membership into the U.S. Freediving Federation brings you many benefits that are designed to support your involvement – in adventure diving, weekend dives, training or competitions.

These benefits range from discounts on diving equipment, dive insurance from DAN, eligibility to compete in CMAS competitions, merchandise and more.

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With a donation of your valuable time or money, you are helping to support the dreams of others by helping to ensure that the organization has the means to fund many initiatives.

One initiative is to subsidize athletes who are selected to travel internationally to represent the United States in various competitions. Another would be to hold community-based events around the U.S. bringing attention to the preservation of the marine environment and more. As an Ambassador to the U.S. Freediving Federation, we need your support and hope you consider being part of the team.

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